Hello, my name is Ihor Vorotnov.

Nice to meet you.

Ihor Vorotnov speaking at WordCamp Kyiv 2019
WordCamp Kyiv 2019

I build websites and software since 1999, consult and mentor other developers and companies. "Netscape Navigator" years old. Self-taught. Obsessed with performance, code maintainability, human-friendly UI/UX/DX, automation and sharing knowledge. Open-source supporter.

13+ years with WordPress, since its early days. Contributed to core themes, translations, many plugins, packages and libraries inside and outside of WordPress ecosystem. WordCamp and WordPress meetups speaker. Heavily modified standard WooCommerce, WPML and ACF Pro flows for multiple large and complex projects.

Currently I prefer to work with PHP, WordPress and Laravel. My main focus is backend development, architecture and automation, but I also love to work with HTML and CSS, fancy TailwindCSS and vanilla JavaScript. Building Ukrainian WordPress Developer community where I'm curating weekly digest for developers.

Got a project?

Let’s build something awesome together! A website, an API for your awesome app, WordPress plugin or theme – whatever you have in mind, let's talk.